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Rising global demand for acrylic resin
Source: China Chemical Information Network Date: 2011-05-16
As the global economy recovers, the demand for acrylic resin is expected to rebound and grow steadily over the next few years. Moreover, the growing need for eco-friendly products will give further force to the acrylic resin market.
It is estimated that, by 2015, more than seven million tons of acrylic resin will be needed worldwide, especially in emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region, according to report of China Chemical Information Network.
In addition, the production bases worldwide will be changed, with China and India being the most likely places. Europe will remain the world's largest market, while the Asia-Pacific region will see increasing demand, with average annual growth of 3 percent.
Acrylic resin will mainly be used in paints and coatings because these two types of acrylic resin product are more stable, flexible, and weather-resistant.
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