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Daqing Zhonglan Petrochemical Corp relief brings warmth to employees
Source: China National Chemical Corporation Date: 2011-11-04

Daqing Zhonglan Petrochemical Co Ltd has recently tried to help needy workers in various ways, handling problems for employees and solving difficulties for them. The move has given better play to the bridging effect of the Labor Union and has built a "heart-to-heart bridge" between companies and workers.

The company's support for the less fortunate focuses on helping the poor deal with problems. Public Engineering Department leaders have been substituted many times while they all have helped a widow named Li Shufang for over 10 years until she passed away. The Labor Union celebrates the birthday of communist party on July 1 every year, when they will send poor party members living necessities like rice, flour, and oil. Youth league committee volunteers often help orphans and widows as well as elders who have trouble taking care of themselves. Before the Spring Festival, led by its main leader, the Labor Union will send relief funds to poor and old employees.

During the past year, 142 needy workers have felt the warmth sent by the organization. In addition, if an employee needs to have an extended stay in a hospital, the Labor Union will grant 100 yuan worth of gifts called "Health Relief". Even though it isn't much, it shows the leader's concerns over employees' health. The Labor Union also advocates a one-to-one help mode among middle-level leaders and poor employees. Currently, over 70 party members and poor employees have paired. The Labor Union also establishes assisting archives, actively stimulating and helping people in terms of substance, spirit, life and work.

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